SLang 2.3

Story-development software

SLang allows you to write events for your story as "virtual index cards" and print them out. SLang also allows you to export your story plan to ScriptMaker, the screenplay writing software which you may also download from this site. Here are some of its features:

  • Ideal for brain-storming story ideas.
  • Ideal for story writers who don't quite know where they want their story to go.
  • Ideal for writing "whodunnit" stories or "adventure" type stories where there may be alternative "routes".
  • Can export to my screenwriting software, ScriptMaker (with version 1.6 of SLang upwards)
  • Stores your story as "events" and "themes".
  • Print events/themes out on index cards.
  • Events viewed as separate windows.
  • Artificial Intelligence features.
  • Export whole story to RTF or TXT file.
  • Comes with integrated help and 2 simple examples.

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